Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Day Eight or the end of a long Month.

Drinking coffee 15 minutes before the two hourly bus through the village arrives,I only have to walk approximately 200 yds for it,so I'm not panicking but someone else is.
Phone rings.
Mum:Are you on the bus,what time are you getting here,are you coming to B&B or shall we make our way up to bus stop?
Me:How can I be on the bus,when you have called on my home phone?Stop panicking your train is not till 3pm,why do you want to leave now before 10am?
Give me strength.
The journey was horrendous with me coping with two huge suitcases on wheels and Mick taking another suitcase.I am also carrying various small bags and my Aunt's walking thingy which tries to hurt you when you attempt to fold it.How did they get all this stuff here?I managed to get all this on and off the coach with minimal help from the arsewipe driver and four old people faffing around me,saying "careful,that's heavy".
I know just how heavy thanks.
I was so hot and sweaty I had to go and wash in the Ladies and then push them all on the train,arrange their luggage-"we must be able to see it"and just manage to get off before the door shuts.

I left the Station and went a bit crazy,I bought a very expensive bra,some hugely expensive cosmetics and a piece of silver jewellery.I very rarely buy anything other than Wellingtons,garden equipment and animal feed.
This has been a small blog-I left out the really crazy stuff.

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