Friday, 4 September 2009

Day three continued.
Housework done,tea and biscuits and fresh bread cooked for their arrival.They have been given specific written and verbal instructions for getting off at the village bus stop.My mum and Mick have been here before....they get off at wrong bus stop.
Finally collect them from nowhere and bring them home;it is 6.30pm and after being here for 5 minutes they say "When are we going to eat,we haven't eaten since breakfast"well that isn't my fault,you idiots and a man with diabetes is meant to eat regularly-I take them to the Inn,where 1970's food is served,food that they enjoy immensely.My mum tells me and anyone within earshot that she hasn't slept for four days,not one minute.I remind her that she was offered sleep clinic on several occasions-her answer is "What good will that do they(doctors)don't know anything".
I want to take her sleeping tablets and crush them up and put the resulting powder in her tea.

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