Friday, 4 September 2009

Day four

I cannot even write about today,they have drained me of all my lifeforce.Maybe when you are elderly you feed off younger relatives and feeding time is when you innocently sit down with them for the sixtieth cup of tea in three hours,you think they are relaxing and drinking tea but they are not-they are sucking you dry and hypnotizing you with anecdotes about people you don't know or care about.Mum:"You know Mrs Bluecock,the woman who was a friend of Mrs Magee who lived next door to your friend Kathy's mum?She had a boy who had teeth growing out of his knees?"
Mum:2You do!He offered you a biscuit once when you were 4"
Me"I think I would remember a kneetooth boy"
Mum:"Well she died"

Fuckedy fuck.

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